Diagnosis of mental disorders by analyzing birth chart (Jyotish)

Wellbeing is as important as physical health in these days. Over year, there are more than 3000 birth chart with diagnosis of mental disorders, and they are suggested medication and therapy. Birth chart contains important information about you. The two planets of mercury and moon, and of course, lord of first house play an important role in analysis of one’s mental health.

Planet of moon

The importance of this planet is undeniable. A damaged moon can cause mental disorders. In Jyotish knowledge, we consider moon as brain, and damages like ashta moon affects one’s mental stability strongly. I have seen many cases which had mood and bipolar problems caused by moon. Of course, damaged moon can also cause thyroid dysfunction.

Planet of mercury.

Mercury is our reasoning and inference. It is directly related to verbal processing and communication ability of an individual. And damage to this planet at the moment of birth can create many problems such as dyslexia, speech problems, analyzing and calculating problems. If the both planets of moon and mercury are damaged, it will be so hard for an individual, and even medication may not be enough to make that person better.

By using birth chart and early diagnosis of disease, the chance of treatment will increase.

An example chart of a 23-year-old man

The lord of horoscope is mercury. This planet is combusted. The Sun is retrogressive, and the moon is damaged in twelveth house.Mental problems, 5-year medication history, mood problems, perception and calculating problem, and all the reasoning and thinking abilities of this person have entered into the moon period since 2011. And it increased the damage of planets to his life. The three elements are in weak position, and it caused disorders which seem very hard to recover from even by medication.

How is your mental health condition?

How is the mental health condition of your child?

Do you need to see a specialist?

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