Diagnosing Migration by Analyzing and Analyzing the Geotag’s Birth Chart

When do I immigrate? ”One of the most common questions in the current era. With the advent and modernization of technology and transportation facilities today, the conditions for travel have become much easier and more and more people have been thinking about their chances and potential to travel and migrate to foreign lands. . Analyzing overseas travel conditions depends on many factors on a person’s birth chart. The third, seventh, and twelfth houses are very important from a person’s birth chart, and we need to consider the position and conditions of these birth charts to determine the opportunity and the possibility of traveling overseas or migrating abroad.

As considered by the Pararhara Hura Shastra, the study of the tenth house on the birth chart can show us the power, profession, honor, father and life in foreign lands. Therefore, the connection of the Tenth House with any of the above is possible and can lead to foreign travel and migration to foreign countries. The nature and power of the planets involved must also be taken into consideration when analyzing a birth chart from the perspective of foreign travel. Movable zodiac signs such as “Homel”, “Cancer”, “Scale” and “Jedi” add to the possibility of traveling and staying abroad during the operation of desirable and happy planetary periods.

In addition, the power of first and fourth homes is crucial. The relationship of the horoscope server with the third, seventh and twelfth houses creates a tendency to travel abroad, and the connection of the fourth house to the third, seventh and twelfth houses indicates migration and residence in foreign lands or the possibility of changing residence. . The role of chance in everyone’s life is excellent, and so the power of the ninth house is crucial in deciding whether to succeed in an overseas trip. The relation of the ninth house to the third, seventh and twelfth houses also shows the possibility of obtaining wealth in foreign countries or in distant places. In addition, when considering the possibility of traveling abroad by analyzing birth charts from an astrological perspective, the power and position of the planets in the segmentation charts must also be taken into account.
To get a better understanding of this argument, let’s look at some birth charts for example here.

First example chart for diagnosing overseas travel by analyzing birth chart

مهاجرت جیوتیش چارت تولد

On this birth chart, Mars is the third home server to join the fifth house (the fourth and seventh house servers). Venus (the server of the second and ninth houses) has been transcended and united with the twelfth house (ie the sun) in the seventh house. This birth chart seems to indicate that traveling overseas is happening. However, this has never happened. The hidden reasons for this are customer injury and weakness, Venus’s injury and destruction, the poor and weak position of the Logna server in the Sixth House, and the lack of a positive impact on the Mars-Jupiter alliance.
In addition, one was affected by the performance of Venus Mahadashai up to the age of 24 and then affected by the performance of the Sun Mahadashai for six years. He only lived in another city for a short time for study and educational purposes. This short stay in another city also occurred during the performance of Venus Maharashtra and Mercury Antaras.

The second example chart for diagnosing overseas travel by analyzing the birth chart

On this birth chart is the Saturn’s Lagna server, which is associated with Jupiter (ie, third and twelfth house servers) and Mars (ie, fourth and eleventh house servers). The alliance between Saturn, Jupiter, and Mars occurred in the Eighth House, indicating a hurdle and delay in the result. The server of the sixth and ninth houses is also Mercury, which is located in the seventh house along the path; and the seventh house is also in the tenth house. Venus Yoga Caracas is in its fifth zodiac sign. Due to Saturn’s association with Jupiter, this person had a strong desire to emigrate and

Travel abroad. Given Mars’ involvement as a fourth house server, his intention was to obtain a permanent residence abroad. However, due to the alliance formed in the Eighth House, his efforts to obtain employment and permanent residence abroad were hampered. During the work of Satan’s Mahadashai and Antarashai of Mercury, he was finally able to carry out his efforts and emigrate to a foreign country.

Third example chart for diagnosing overseas travel by analyzing birth chart

On this birth chart, the Lagna server has been uplifted and is housed in the eleventh house in union with Saturn (the seventh house server). Mercury is in the birth chart of the third and twelfth house servers and is in the sixth house with Venus (the fourth house server). Mars’s tenth house server is poorly placed in the eighth house and is also affected by the seventh house’s attitude, Saturn. This person had frequent overseas trips because of his business. Given the poor location of both Mercury and Venus, early in his career he faced some obstacles to his foreign trips. However, with the golden astrological techniques presented to him, this person was able to travel abroad for professional and business communication.

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