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نمونه چارت تولد سروش دهقان

Born in 1957

The health status were examined from his chart. The disposition of planets at the moment of your birth indicates your vulnerability potentials; and in fact, if a planet was damaged at the time of your birth, its problems and illnesses would appear on your birth chart during its lordship period. By examining the birth chart, we can identify and plan for the physical and mental problems.

On their birth chart Mars, which governs the general and structural state of the body, was in power. But there were other planets that were making trouble; and we talked about them.

Another point is that since 1389, the person has entered Rahu’s period; and we talked about how to live in this period. Rahu peruod is full of challenges and the knowledge of astrology helps a great deal in facing this period.

The next point is that this period and its problems vary from different ages. And only when thorough examination has been done on one’s chat, we can give the best advices through astronomical knowledge to the person.

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Consultation with master Soroush Dehghan

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