Strengths: Hard-working, highly imaginative, loyal, emotional, compassionate, persuasive

Weaknesses: Disturbed, pessimistic, suspicious, manageable, shaky

Cancer likes: art, home entertainment, relaxing by the water or in the water, helping loved ones, having a good meal with friends

Cancer dislikes: strangers, any criticism of Mom, revealing personal life

Cancer is deeply intuitive and sentimental and can be one of the most challenging tower of ecliptic to understand. Cancer is very emotional and sensitive and takes care of the home and the family. He is sympathetic and very dependent on those around him. People born in the Cancer Tower are very loyal and empathetic and capable of sympathizing with the suffering of others.

Because of their ruling planet, the Moon, many phases of the lunar cycle can deepen the Cancer into inner mysteries and create ephemeral emotional patterns that emotional cancer, especially when it is a child, cannot control. It can manifest itself in the form of mood swings, selfishness and anger.

Cancer is quick to help others and prevent conflicts, and one of hie strengths is his constant determination. Cancer have no big ambitions, because they are happy about having a friendly family and a quiet, consistent home. They often look after their colleagues and treat them like their family.