Bruce Lee’s Birth Chart Analysis

بروس لی

Bruce Lee, who is known by you all, is a somewhat interesting character in our culture which has become an example (looking for Bruce Lee’s killer?). This legend, Bruce Leen has an interesting birthday chart. Let’s read his analysis.

This world-famous actress has brought martial cinema to an extraordinary level that he had never experienced before. Bruce Lee was born on November 27, 1940 in San Francisco, USA. By this time, the Libra constellation had risen. He was the fourth child of Mr Lee Hui Chun and Mrs Grace Ho. Bruce Lee had a multifaceted personality. Even today, even after the 45 years since Bruce Lee’s death on July 20, 1973, he remains a cultural symbol. Bruce Lee was successful in acting, screenwriting, directing and even producing his own films. He was the great philosopher and founder of the martial arts movement Jat Kun Do. At the age of 13, Bruce Lee began learning the martial arts from Master Ip Man. He became highly skilled in the martial arts in a short five years. In addition to the martial arts, Bruce Lee has mastered other skills such as dancing and acting. He won the Hong Kong Championship in 1958, Cha Cha.

In April 1959, when Bruce Lee was 18, he came to the United States to prove his US citizenship and pursue higher education. At that time, Bruce Lee began teaching martial arts. Shortly afterwards, Bruce Lee also appeared in cinema and television as an actor. Bruce Lee’s style sparked a strong interest in Chinese martial arts in the West. The direction and tone of Bruce Lee’s films greatly influenced martial arts. He promoted traditional Hong Kong martial arts films to a new level of popularity and acclaim. Bruce Lee for his outstanding performance in the films The Big Boss (1971), The Fist of Anger (1972), The Road to the Dragon (1972), The Dragons Enter (1973) and The Game of Death (1978), to a worldwide legend and symbol, and in particular He has become popular among the Chinese because he has portrayed Chinese nationalism in his films. A review of Bruce Lee’s birth chart clearly shows that he has a charismatic personality that becomes legend.

In Bruce Lee’s chart, the first house is occupied by the moon, Mercury, Mars and Venus. Here, Venus creates Malawi Yoga. Venus’ union with the moon and Mercury is very beneficial. Mars’ involvement as a second house lord is also good for wealth and social status. However, Mars, as the host of the second and seventh houses, is a Maracas planet and not very suitable for a long life.
The seventh house is occupied by the damaged Jupiter and Saturn. Both of these planets, Saturn and Jupiter, have an interrelated relationship with the Moon, Mars, Mercury, and Venus in the first house. Saturn’s damage and Jupiter’s impact on the houses and planets involved are not desirable. However, Jupiter as the lord of the third and sixth houses has become immensely powerful in the zodiac sign of Mars, giving Bruce Lee extraordinary courage and seriousness. In addition, Jupiter and its interactions with other planets have been identified as responsible for dominant behavior.

Bruce Lee was very interested in sports training. Ketu’s presence in the sixth house, in addition to Jupiter’s powerful placement on the zodiac sign “Leo” on the Navamsa chart, is the main reason. The interactions between Mars and Mercury have led to Bruce Lee’s exceptional martial arts success. Also, the interaction between Saturn, Venus, and the Moon gave him enormous success in professional work and also credited him with producing the film. The presence of many pleasant planets in the first house of Bruce Lee’s chart made him a multi-talented personality in many aspects of life.

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