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چارت تولد نمونه بیماری تفسیر مشاوره

The impact of the planets on your mental health in undeniable. By drawing your birth chart and analyzing the planets’ effects, mental health and vulnerability of chart in prespective of engagement of , the Peninsula and the planet Moon. , Also Mercury has an important role to play in this assay, you may or may not know! Live with it and bring about successive failures.

In this birth chart, the moon-to-moon connection in the first chart house (with the exception of others) has caused up and down and a slight mental upheaval, and if this combination is included in the birth chart, it can cause problems on other chart topics. Numerous such as hormonal disruption, thyroid problems, hormones and breasts in women, a desire for restlessness, hyperactivity, a tendency to diversify and narcissism, fortunately on this birth chart, Saad’s ideas had overshadowed these problems. From April 10, 2005, Rahu in Antardasha has been active, and the necessary explanations have been given to him.

His life has been in Saturn period since 2005. Saturn is a heavy planet and can live and make life difficult for you by locating in different parts of the chart. Other conditions and topics were also analyzed on this birth chart and therapies and explanations were provided.

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