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Sample References 280 - Born 1359

Ketu’s placement in astrology has always been challenging, in terms of personality and choices, interests and preferences, and even communication desires. Ketu is a complex planet, and placing on the first house of birth chart and placing Rahu on the seventh house of birth chart had caused the problem of not marrying on the chart, though the owner of the chart was not keen on marriage either.

چارت تولد اسطرلاب جیوتیش نمونه

If you have Ketu at house (1) and Rahu at house (7) on your birth chart, or vice versa, you will have a lot of complexity in two things, yourself and of course your marriage.

What are the position of planets on your birth chart?

The year 2012, the period of Moon had begun, and fortunately in March 2017, the period of Mercury had begun very powerfully and had made very good financial changes for him.

We looked at the effects of the moon after the year 2012 and its impact on his minds and decisions. We talked about the destructive effects of Ruhu and Ketu, and of course, we also talked about the potential of Venus and how to apply it in the present. Therapies were provided.

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