Birth chart number 293

نمونه چارت تولد راهو

There are always things which are out of our control. Birth chart of an individual is like a map which makes it possible to reach deeper layers of one’s destination. In vedic astrology, we have two shadows named Rahu and Ketu which are usually a cause of trouble. If these two planets are in house of self or marriage, they create challenges in these fields.

What problems may be caused if Rahu is in the first house of chart? (The whole chart must be analyzed)

Rahu can cause a person restlessness, diversity and odd illnesses. In other cases we saw that people who have Rahu in their chart have stunning beauty. According to other parts of chart, some people my be needed medication at some point in their lives if they have Rahu in the first house of their chart.

Each planet has its own role in a chart, and the potentials of a person can be found by analyzing his/her birth chart. Destination can be changed with great tact.

What combinations are dominant in your birth chart?(free)

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