Astrology; spiritual knowledge

Astrology; spiritual knowledge

Astrology is a spiritual science. Our birth chart is the mirror of our soul and its special embodiment. In our stars, we see the growth and evolution of our inner being from life to life. This does not mean that we can find truth or freedom simply by reading astronomical charts. This means that astrology gives us a key to reveal inner and spiritual aspects and can be used as a key to spiritual flexibility.

Stars and planets are not just external entities; they exist in our minds as our guiding lights. It can be said that our own inner lights are formed externally as stars and planets to guide the evolution of the universe. It comes from the inside, not vice versa, though it can also affect the inside. Stars determine our field of activity in life. They reflect the energies we give to this life as souls. As we are a reflection of them, so they are a reflection of us. Stars make up the cosmic man Just as we, as humans, form a solar system within us.

Our soul is itself a star, sun, or spot of cosmic light. Our own soul – often called the “cause of existence” because of the moral power of our thinking and life – holds the power to create the whole world. The light of our soul is directly connected to the cosmic light, to a divine light that is in the sun and all the stars.

As a reflection of the world, astrology can be used to explore all areas of life. We can learn from it about our health, wealth, jobs and relationships; our material and spiritual practices. This general structure of energy shows how we should act in life. So this is the most comprehensive science we have. At its highest level, however, astronomy must be a part of yoga, this spiritual science, and is intended to direct us beyond these external forces to its source. This source is not in the physical world. It is not like some mysterious or alien force, but it is what we are when we separate our minds from prejudices.

Planets represent the energies we need to control to soothe our minds. Anger, for example, is a typical energy on Mars, and it is the power of truth that can reveal what is right in the way of recognizing and not perverting it. And when it comes to identifying the truth with some selfish beliefs and feelings, it comes as anger. All the signs of the planets in us are powerful forces that are limited in conditions.

The basic principle of a spiritual science is one’s own knowledge. As the mystics of the universe have repeatedly said, “Knowledge is about the basis of knowledge”, but knowledge itself is something more than a psychological analysis. It is not our recognition of our external personality or of the condition itself, but of our unconditional awareness and existence. Memory analysis restricts us to a superficial aspect of our being. Self-awareness is more than the awareness of the past life. It’s just a wider memory, still trapped in the veil of form and time constraint.

Self-awareness is the knowledge of what we really are, our true existence, which is the light of consciousness. This is itself, and all our experiences are just masks. Knowing who we were or why we have become this or that does not work. We find it in our heart by ignoring a separate identity and coming back to the world. And that requires knowing all of our inner dimensions. Such an insight is the result of knowing the presence of God everywhere.

Astrology properly represents us in our own world. It is a tool for transmitting our awareness of its physical limitations to the human brain through the rays of creation so that it can encompass the whole world. It is a tool for achieving meditation in which planets exhibit traits that we must understand in ourselves. Planets are the organs of the cosmic person that we must put together to come together. By understanding the science of astrology, our consciousness can reach the true sun through the planets and stars into the inner heart of everyone.

The whole universe, the planets, the stars, the galaxies, and everything beyond them, represent the seven beams of creation. This is the beam of creation in our soul. Nature is nothing but the combination of these light beams at different levels. Our solar system is designed to detect these creative energies, in their dual power as the sun and moon, and five times as the five great planets of Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus and Saturn.

Every planet is a lesson. This represents an integral aspect of the cosmic existence in its manifestations. Each planet shows us an approach to cosmic existence. Through the intermingling of the energies provided by the planets within us, we attain our true integrity as a cosmic being. So each planet represents a gateway to freedom. Unless we understand the energy of a planet inside us, it connects us to sadness and conflict. If we consume too much energy or less energy than any planet, we will experience instability and disorder in our bodies and in our environment physically and mentally. If we use a planet’s surface energy, it breaks us down. If we accept this energy as a deeper part of ourselves, it will lead us to higher knowledge.

Planets have enormous powers. Yet we are part of this mysterious world, and have tremendous power within us. The great power in our souls is created to counter the incredible energies of life. Our souls have to be broken or transformed. Through inner calling and surrender, this power enables the control of planets and stars, thereby resolving the ambiguities of our minds, concentrating, and ultimately transforming into the real perception of the sun within us.

Each planet represents a particular type of yoga, a particular way to spread awareness. Following a specific beam from a planet to its origin, we come to the light of truth through supreme capacities. The planets are various gifts of light to guide us into our spiritual home. Their viewing angles are different, but their purpose is the same. Along this path, their energy gradually unites.

Different souls come under different rays from different planets. They belong to different families on the planet. They work to develop the planet’s creative beams, some at lower levels, some at higher levels, as they evolve. So the evolution of the soul and the world is the same in this respect. Each soul is a guiding force in cosmic evolution and in its liberation releases a specific aspect of the universe and expands the evolution of all.

Different countries, races and religions are affected by different planets. We are all part of the game of the gods playing the planets. However, we are not just puppets of this game, though we often accept this cosmic context, while ignoring our inner potential. Overall, we are the masters of this game, and the guiding information behind it. All the innate intelligence of the stars, produced by the cosmic evolutionary age, exists within us as our natural intuition and spontaneous insight.

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