Astrology: a guide to happiness

Charles Spurgeon (Italian preacher and writer) has made it clear:

“It is not how much we have, but how much we enjoy, that makes happiness.” We only enjoy what we want. But usually we take a policy of desires and we don’t know which part of life we should focus on. So let the astrology giude you.

There 12 houses in a birth chart. We start with the first one which is called Standant or Lagna. Each of these houses represent specific aspect of one’s life.

Generally, the purpose of this text is to introduce the 12 houses. The first one is House of Self. The second one is House of Value. The third one is House of Communications. The fourth one is House of Home and Family. The fifth one is House of Pleasure. The sixth one is House of Health. The seventh one is House of Partnership. The eighth one is House of Reincornation. The ninth one is House of Philosophy. The tenth one is House of Social Status. The eleventh one is House of Friendship. The twelveth one is House of Self-undoings.

What should you do? You shoudld find other signs from other houses. To do this, you can use your own knowledge of vedic astrology, or you can consult with an astronomer. Then, from the table below, find related parts which shows the aspects of your life and the happiness rate.

You may use this to choose your job, but in addition to your profession which you are bussy with its activities, you need these houses to feel happier in your life. So why don’t you try it?

1st >> Personal Issues and Self-esream
2nd >> Wealth
3rd >> Learning and Using Skills
4th >>
5th >> Activities of Art, Creativity or Education
6th >> Services
7th >> Partnership
8th >> Activities of Researching or Metaphysics
9th >> Religion and Travel
10th >> Profession
11th >> Social Activities
12th >> Moral Activities or Activities of Foriegn Countries

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