Astrolabe birth chart number 292

Your birth chart draws the map of your birth moment. In this map, there are 7 planets which are Sun, Saturn, Jupiter, Venus, Mercury, Mars and Moon. We analyze these planets to find out the weakness and strength of an individual. Each of these 7 planets have its own power. In this birth chart, Sun is at zero degrees east which is the best position for this planet, and it causes the person management abilities, charisma and business seuccess. This situation is also called Atma Karaka and it represents growth of one’s soul.

But in addition to these 7 planets, there are two shadows called Rahu and Ketu. Placement of these shadows usually causes trouble for you. In this chart, Ketu is in wealth house which creates financial problems for the person.

Of course, the function of matters above are different in each time period. His life has entered in ruling Mars period since December 2008, and Rahu was active in Antar Dasha from June 6th, 2018. We discussed potentials and issues of this period and desired therapies were suggested.

Analyzing your birth chart will change your life.

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