Asho’s words about astrology and the birth chart

اوشو جیوتیش چارت تولد آسترولوژي

Ninety percent of those who claim to be astrologers are just bluffing. Only ten percent of these people know that astrology is a broad topic. This knowledge is so vast that people can only enter to its world, but there is no end to it. The astrology we are talking about is very profound. It is an essential part of your life and the world you are dealing with, and it is a matter of rhythmic harmony in the world. We are not isolated from the world, but we are connected to eachother in an organic and natural way. Life is a whole. Anything that happens anywhere in this world also affects human beings and human beings also affect the world. If we can understand this correctly, we do not need to depend only on our pride and self. This is not your soul, but the cosmos. Very powerful forces are at work, and our very self is inferior to them. Each of us is an integral part of this great world.

Every child, every new life, relies on a special moment for conception and for birth (both are interdependent. He chooses the right constellation for what he wants), whatever the intrinsic possibilities It is itself, whatever is formed of its former lives in the “whole”, whatever stimulates its consciousness.

At the moment of birth, the child’s state of mind is very sensitive just like a negative screenshot. When an infant is formed from the embryo is the first exposure to light for this negative. Birthday is the second time this baby has been exposed to light. These two events are recorded in the face of a sensitive child’s mind, as in the film. The world, as it is at that moment, affects the child. As such, it determines a child’s desires and incompatibilities for the rest of his or her life.

The first part of astrology is the shell and its outer layer, which is unnecessary. Everything in this section is accidental, uncertain, and unpredictable. The more we talk about external events, the more these events happen.

The second part of astrology (its middle layer) is the semi-essential layer. Here, if the right choice is made, it is possible to change.

The third part of astrology (the core) is its essence and nature. This is unchangeable. When it is known, the only way out is to deal with it.

The real issue is the third part. That’s the essence of everything. This part belongs to the innermost part and is completely predetermined. The more one moves toward the center, the closer to the essential, predetermined part. With the inner signs, everything begins to appear scientifically, like a definite law that has been established. They become more and more certain.

Between these two conditions (environmental conditions and intrinsic conditions), there are conditions in the middle layer where one can change matters by their freedom of choice. Here anyone can consciously make the right choice, and this is the “right way” to start moving towards your center and core. However, one who is in the darkness of ignorance is drawn to his own destiny and goes along with what comes next.

When you refer to an astrologer, ask him a basic question – a question like, “Am I going to die sad and miserable or going to evolve?” This is a question worth asking; it is connected to the essential astrology. You often ask the astrologer, “How long will I live?”, As if living alone is enough. But why do you live? What do you have to live for?

Astrology can be a tool in your hands only if you can recognize the necessary from the unnecessary.


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