Strengths: Brave, determined, confident, eager, optimistic, truthful, passionate

Weaknesses: impatient, malicious, spiteful, easily carried away, aggressive

Aries likes: Comfortable clothes, leadership roles, physical challenges, solo sports

Aries dislikes: inactivity, delays, something that does not take advantage of individual talents

As the first tower on the ecliptic, the presence of Aries is almost always a sign of energetic and turbulent things. They are constantly looking for dynamism, speed and competition. They are always first in everything from work to social gatherings. Thanks to its ruling planet, Mars, Aries is one of the most active circuits on the ecliptic. Anoyone who was born in this tower, his/her emphasis is on searching for answers to both personal and metaphysical questions. This is the biggest feature of this tower. Aries, like Leo and Sagittarius, is a fire tower. This means that it is in their nature to act sometimes, before thinking about it well.

Their fire ruler impresses with their excellent organizational skills, so that you rarely see a Aries that doesn’t like to finish all at once, even before having a chance to dine.

The challenges increase when they are impatient and aggressive and pour out their anger on others. Aries is the head and direct with the head. It often goes forward and bends forward for speed and focus. They are naturally brave and rarely fear risk and experimentation. Regardless of their age, they are young and energetic and perform their duties in a timely manner. By working in harmony with themselves, they can achieve the best results.