Analyzing marriage delay based on birth chart

Analyzing delay in marriage is an important issue. Why am I still singl? What is the reason for my not getting married up to age of 30 or 40? Do I marry based on my birth chart? We address this issue in this article.

No planet or infiltration stop you fron gettin married, but you can expect some issues. In analyzing everyone’s birth chart, the appropriate opportunities and influential conditions of the planets are determined within a specific time frame for marriage. In earlier times, when social norms and cultures had a significant effect on forcing an ordinary man to marry early, it was relatively easier to identify and predict the time of marriage. However, today everything has changed. The social customs of early marriage have also changed with the working conditions and social relationships of individuals. Now some people prefer their relationships to not lead to early marriage and sometimes some for some reason deliberately decide to stay for a significant “single” age. Sometimes such decisions and actions change the conditions of marriage at a young age (when the astrological conditions of marriage are provided); It becomes difficult. Of course, some of the symptoms of this condition can also appear on the person’s chart; and are usually identified by checking the first, second and seventh houses on the birth chart. And finding out this can help a person make the right decision at the right time.

During the personal and practical experience of checking the charts of people, problems with marriage have been observed. These disruptions are due to the impact of the planets on the first, second and seventh houses and lords. And if the Eighth or Saturn lords are also involved, it can lead to unpleasant delays or even non-marriages. To better understanding , here are some charts as examples.

1. In the birth chart #1, Mars is not a problem with the 7th house lord because it is well placed in the fifth house. However, Mars is linked to Ketu and is affected by the affected Jupiter (the eighth house lord). Mercury, the second house lord, is also badly placed in the eighth house. The Venus Lord Lagna is well placed in the ninth house with the sun. However, both of these planets are influenced by the unnamed Jupiter of the eighth house lord. Also, the first house lagna is subjected to Jupiter attitude, the eighth house lord. Thus, most marriages and planets related to marriage are weak, damaged, and affected by the eighth house lord, Jupiter. Gemini navamsa and Mercury are in the seventh house. This gives little hope for marriage. This person did not marry at all; however, he did have marital relations.

On the birth chart #2, the Lagna of Venus lord has interactions with the Mars house, which is the 2nd and 7th house lord. Also, Venus is the eighth house lord and is under Saturn and Jupiter. For Libra, Saturn is a planet of Yoga caraca, though it also has an effect of “delaying” its core nature. Attitude to Jupiter, the unpleasant planet of the third and sixth house lord on the Venus lord lagna located in the second house, makes the expectation of marriage come down. Mars, which occupied the first house, is influenced by Rahu. The seventh house is under the attitude of Ketu and Mars, and the attitude of Mars in her house is supportive, while the attitude of Ketu is not pleasant to the marriage. On Mars navamsa chart (with Aries), Mars gets its zodiac sign, but joins Jupiter in the eighth house. The moon is in the tenth house with Venus and the interaction with Saturn in the fourth house of Navamsa. Thus, the marriage of this person was postponed and this resulted in divorce.

Survey of Delay in Marriage Based on Birth Chart(Part 2).

On the birth chart #3, there is a chart with Taurus, and as it can be seen, the seventh house lord, Mars, is in the eighth house. Moon has taken the second house and is in a relationship with Mars. Also, Saturn and the eighth house (Jupiter) also have an attitude on the second house and the Moon. The second house lord (Mercury) is united with the Venus the Lagna lord and the afflicted Sun in the sixth house; all three are affected by the eighth house lord (Jupiter). Both Venus and Mercury are badly damaged. The seventh house is under Saturn’s and Rahu’s attitude. On the Navamsa chart, there are no planets in the seventh house. Mars, meanwhile, occupies its second house in the zodiacal sign (Pisces Navamsa). Several unmarked influences on the second and seventh houses and their lords, in particular the eighth house (Jupiter), resulted in not being married.

In the birth chart #4 which is very interesting, the horoscope is Virgu, and the same mark is taken by the Jupiter alliance (7th house lord) with Venus (2nd and 9th house lord). Both planets have an attitude toward the seventh house. However, Venus is injured. Therefore, it has lost its power to produce good and powerful results. Mercury has a bad placement in the 12th house and is connected to the Sun and Mars (8th house lord). Saturn is in the third house. Saturn is also influenced by the attitudes of Mercury, the Sun and Mars. Although Saturn is a supportive, friendly planet for people with a “Virgu” chart, yet Saturn’s essential features still show their signs. This is true for any other similar planet, even Mars, which is a pleasant planet for some charts such as a Cancer chart; its basic features that are sharp, aggressive and dominant still exist on the houses and planets affected by it. . The seventh house is also under the Martian attitude and the second house is occupied by Rahu. On the Navamsa chart (with Aries), Mars is damaged in the fourth house (it is on the seventh house) and Ketu occupies the seventh house. Saturn is in the eighth house and has a attitude toward second house.
This person never got married. Mahadasha of Venus or Jupiter may cause marriage, but however, Venus Mahadasa was in infancy (around the age of 13) and one cannot experience Jupiter’s Mahadasha in his life.

In short, the point is that if one can use his chart analysis, he can make better decisions and plans; not everything in our lives are destined. Our thoughts, decisions, and actions are important to shape life’s issues, and this is possible.

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