Analyzing Jessica Alba’s Birth Chart in Perspective of Jyotish

Analyzing Jessica Alba’s Birth Chart in Perspective of Jyotish

Name: Jessica Marie Alba

Date and Time of Birth: April 28, 1981 at 1:51 pm

Place of Birth: Pomona, California, USA

Brief Description of her Biography: Jessica Alba, full name Jessica Marie Alba, is a famous American actress as well as a successful entrepreneur in the business field. Jessica Alba began her acting career at the age of 13 and has won many awards for her acting, but has not win an Oscar yet. Her successful films include Honey, Sin City, The Wonderful Four, Into the Blue and The Eye. Jessica Alba also played the lead role in the television series “Dark Angel”, which brought her a Golden Globe nomination.

In January 2012, Jessica Alba, along with other partners, set up a company called Honest, which specializes in the production of non-toxic household products. Also, in October 2015, she founded Alba Honest Beauty, which offers a range of skin care and beauty products.

In May 2008, Jessica Alba married Cache Warren. The couple’s life is now blessed with two daughters and a son.

One of the interesting features of her life is that, unlike many other celebrities active in the entertainment and cinema industry, she seems to enjoy relatively good stability and success in his family, work, and finances. However, by looking at her birth chart, we find that there are many weaknesses that made Jessica Alba face many problems early in her life.

Jessica Alba suffered two lung infections and problems during her childhood. She is also exposed to pneumonia four to five times a year, and her appendicitis has been troubled once. To these cases, a cyst in her tonsils should also be added. In addition to these, Jessica Alba also has asthma, suffered from obsessive-compulsive disorder as a child, and was diagnosed with “Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder” at age 5.

Vedic astrology comment on Jessica Alba’s birth chart

According to information about the time and place of Jessica Alba’s birth (April 28, 1981; 1:51 pm; Pomona, CA, USA) her horoscope is Leo, and her horoscope lord is also the sun which achieved excellence by joinin to Mars, Mercury and Venus in ninth house of chart . On this birth chart, the moon is in the seventh house, and Jupiter has formed an alliance with Saturn in the second house of his lagna chart. Rahu is also in the 12th house, and Ketu is in the sixth house of Leo horoscope.

However, when we look closely, we find that these details of the birth are not convincing, and it seems that Jessica Alba is more likely to have been born in Cancer and the lord of her horoscope is Moon.

With the current circumstances, we will modify the birth chart. As indicated in Jessica Alba’s revised birth chart, the first house is occupied by Rahu, and Moon, the lord of the Lagna chart, is badly located in the eighth house. The Jupiter-Saturn alliance is in the third house of her birth chart. And the transcending Sun is associated with Mars, Mercury and Venus in the tenth house of the Lagna chart.

Modified Jessica Alba’s birth chart

Check out Jessica Alba’s birth chart in prespective of health (medical astrology)

As mentioned, Jessica Alba has experienced many health problems during her early life. It has even been reported that she is taking medications to treat “Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder”. These conditions may be for the reasons outlined in his revised birth chart:

Rahu in the first house of Jessica Alba’s Lagna Chart: Rahu is an unpleasant and destructive planet with a Tamasic nature and is capable of causing skepticism, confusion, fear and anxiety in blue zodiac signs such as Cancer.

Bad placement of Moon as a horoscope lord (which occupied the eighth house on his revised birth chart): This could be another factor. Also lord Moon of her horoscope is generally represenrs the mind, feelings and emotions. Overall, being it in the eighth house of Jessica Alba’s birth chart is not favorable, and have negative effects on Moon special features. In addition, the frequent occurrence of pneumonia and other health issues in her childhood are also indications that are consistent with Jessica Alba’s modified birth chart. The oval and elongated facial features as well as the physical features of Jessica Alba also indicate that her chart horoscope is Cancer. (In general, the transcendent sun in the ninth house of Leo, accompanies the person with a round face and strong body, and health problems such as “Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder” is highly unlikely in such a person).

Analayzing Jessica Alba’s birth chart professionally (professional astrology)

Jessica Alba is a very successful businesswoman and her professional work in cinema and television is good enough.

Tenth house lord of this birth chart is Mars, which has taken its “rashi” from the tenth house of the modified birth chart, and created a “Ruchaka Yoga” (a good yoga created by Mars).

Also, Mars has formed a good alliance with the Sun and Venus. Mercury’s involvement in this alliance is a little undesirable and causes some weakness for Mars, Mercury and Venus. However, due to the influence of the planetary composition of the Sun, Mars and Venus on the tenth house of the chart, the negative features of Mercury (fluctuations and changes in business and financial matters) continue to be avoided.

On the other hand, the positive effects of the influence of Sun, Mars and Venus on Mercury can help her launch other businesses (along with maintaining her job in cinema and television).

Jessica Alba is also very active in politics, charity and social issues.

Jessica Alba’s Birth Chart in prespective of Marriage (Marriage Astrology)

Jessica Alba was married when she was 27 years old. In May 2008, she married Cache Warren (the son of actor Michael Warren). They met each other in 2004 during the filming of “The Fantastic Four”. According to news reports, they have a very happy marriage, which got even better with the birth of three children (two daughters and one son).

Saturn is the seventh house lord of the revised birth chart of Jessica Alba, which has formed a good alliance with Jupiter in the third house from her lagna chart.

The second house lord is Sun on the chart, which is transcended to the tenth house, joining supportive planets such as Mars and Venus. Anyway, Mercury’s interference is not favorable, but as previously mentioned, it may prevent its negative impact.

Ketu’s presence in the seventh house of Jessica Alba’s lagna chart is also undesirable. Of course, again, the Jupiter’s attitude towards Ketu is in his favor, and it can prevent some of Ketu’s malicious and unpleasant features.

Currently, Jessica Alba is passing Saturn’s Maha Dasha, which plays an important role in her Lagna chart. Though Saturn has been weakened and damaged by Jessica Alba’s Navamsa division chart with her alliance with Ketu. This may put more pressure on her health and may cause more problems and health issues over the next 20 to 24 months (hopefully not).

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