Analysis of birth chart from the perspective of professional activity in sport

Many friends who are in the channel and are active in professional sports ask what factors should be on our birth chart in order to succeed in the sport? We tried to discuss it in this article.

To determine the status of professional activity in sports, we need to examine the power and usefulness of third and sixth houses on a person’s birth chart. In addition, the power of Mars, Mercury, and Rahu on the birth chart should also be considered for sports success.
To determine the appropriate physical force for a career in sports, we examine and analyze the third house of birth chart. Also, a strong sixth house on the birth chart is needed to ensure victory and success in related sports activities.
As we know, the sixth house on the birth chart is related to debt, theft, injury, illness, enemies, battle, violent acts, guilt, fear, inferiority, and so on. On the other hand, the powerful sixth house on the birth chart leads to positive results in all of these. For example, one is protected from illness and injury, wins over enemies, becomes safe from sin, and does not feel inferior.

Since we have to compete in professional sports activities and competitions, the power of the sixth house results in positive results in professional sports. So by examining the sixth house and seeing it powerfully, we can be sure of getting the desired results from a short-term professional perspective.

It is also necessary to check the placement of Mars and Mercury on the birth chart. This review is designed to judge the level of analytical ability, fitness and endurance required to succeed in professional sport. The powerful placement of the Mars and Mercury on the birth chart ensures that they have strong body, courage and proper technical skills to exercise. In addition, the well-positioned Rahu on the birth chart ensures that it has a positive and winning attitude.

Analysis of John Higgins (snooker) birth chart from the perspective of professional sports

In the first example, we analyze the birth chart of John Higgins, the snooker. He has won twenty-three titles in his sport. Among the titles of John Higgins, three of his world snooker titles can be mentioned. His birth chart is “Virgu” and Mercury (the first and tenth house lords), located in the ninth house with the damaged sun and Ketu. Jupiter created Hamsa Yoga on the seventh anniversary of John Higgins’s birth chart.
In any case, Jupiter’s joining Mars is not very positive and beneficial, because according to astrology laws, Mars is a very destructive planet for astrology. The interconnectedness of the ninth and tenth house lords has created a “Raja Yoga” on John Higgins’ birth chart. Saturn, the lord of the sixth house, is in alliance with Venus in the tenth Bahava. This brings success in professional sports

Analysis of Mohammad Ali’s (boxer) birth chart from the perspective of professional sport

Casius Kelly is a legendary boxer throughout history who adopted the name “Muhammad Ali” after his conversion to Islam. Mohammed Ali began his career at the World Professional Boxing Championships in 1960. He won the first world championship in 1964. Mohammed Ali, a three-time world champion in the heavyweight boxing competition.

Mercury, the third house lord, is located in the seventh house in union with the lord of horoscope (Moon), the sun and Venus. The lord of the sixth house, Jupiter, is in the eleventh house, while Mars in the tenth house, has created the Rochuck Yoga. The presence of four planets on the seventh incarnation of Muhammad Ali’s birth chart, and on the other hand, the weak and damaged seventh house lord, Saturn, caused him to marry four times. As long as Mohammed Ali was a boxing professional, he was referred to as the “greatest champion” in boxing history and is still an acceptable title.

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