Analysis of birth chart from the perspective of parents and family

✴️ The importance and role of the family is known to all of us and no longer needs to be introduced. The family is a fundamental unit of our society that plays an important role in shaping one’s overall life. The second, fourth, seventh, ninth and tenth houses should be examined when analyzing the birth chart from the perspective of parents and families. These houses are in some way the main pillars of our family and are associated with it. The second house of the birth chart is related to the family, among other things. As such, the power of the second house and its lord are crucial in analyzing and judging the happiness coming from family and the living situation. In addition, the fourth and tenth houses of the birth chart are related to the mother and father, respectively. The ninth house of the birth chart is linked to luck and fortune, and therefore, the weakness and injury in some parts of the ninth house are not happy and pleasing to the parents (especially the father).

✴️ The nature of the problems or the amenities can be calculated from these houses of birth chart. In addition, the power of the sun, moon and Jupiter is also crucial when we look at the birth chart from the perspective of comfort and well-being coming from parents. The happiness that comes from marriage is also calculated through a combined analysis of second, fourth, seventh and ninth houses. However, this article will focus on the social, financial and personal aspects influenced by parents.

✴️ If all the houses and planets on the birth chart of a person are well placed and powerful, they will be born into a wealthy and well-known family and will enjoy all the materialistic pleasures of their lives. If the opposite is the case, negative results will occur in life. The nature and extent of the problems are analyzed based on the level of existing weakness and injury on the birth chart. In any case, the role and importance of the second house is essential. This means that if the second home is in too much turmoil, the role of other related houses in protecting and improving family stuff is very limited.

✴️ Let’s look at some birth charts with Jyotish science to understand the concepts mentioned .

❇️ Birth chart example number one: Ben Affleck

In Ben Affleck’s birth chart, Sun, Ketu and Mercury are in the second house. The second house’s lord is the moon with a good placement on the fifth house chart. The lord of ninth house is Saturn which has moved to the twelfth house. Mars has a negative and destructive attitude toward the ninth and tenth houses. There are some unpleasant effects here. However, the lord of second house is well located. During his childhood and when he was affected by Maha Dasha Rahu (located in the eighth house), his parents separated.

❇️ Birth chart example number two: Elvis Presley

On Elvis Presley’s birth chart, the second house is occupied by the planets of the Sun and Mercury. The sun in the second house is happy and good, while Mercury is not very good. It is good to unite the Sun and Mercury as thelord of eleventh house. At the same time, the lord of the Eighth House is Mercury which will be unpleasant and destructive about creating results for the second house, namely family. The lord od second house is Jupiter which is in the 12th house. Moon also joined Saturn as the ninth house lord in the fourth house. The placement of these planets caused many problems for parents. When Elvis Presley was born, there were bad conditions in the family and they were depended on the help of the government and their neighbors. In 1938, the Elvis Presley family lost their home, and Vernon, Elvis’ father, was jailed for eight months.

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What period of your life are you in?

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