Analizeg Jyotish birth chart number 296

چارت تولد نمونه عطارد داشا دوره

There is a ruling planet in every period of our life and in our destination. In fact, the energy of that planet is dominant on the chart, and has the most effect on one’s life. When the main periods of one’s life changes, a whole series of changes happen in his/her life.

In this birth chart, a new season has started in his job and social life since February 2018 because the moon was in tenth house (House of Profession). Every time period has its own opportunities, threads, problems ans potentials. In fact, we can take advantage of Jyotish knowledge by analizing these time periods.

In our 60-minute consultation, we discussed the troubles of honesty and lack of diplomacy caused by Mercury, analized the harms it can cause for his life, and came up with some solutions.

What planet is ruling on your life?

What are your potentials?

Were you abale to be the best version of yourself?

Download the application and get your birth chart for free.

Let professor Soroush Dehghan analize your birth chart.


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