An analysis of Steve Jobs’ birth chart

استیو جابز چارت تولد زایچه نجوم سرنوشت

Today we are here with chart analyzing one of the greatest people, Steve Paul Jobs, or as we all know, Steve Jobs. His biography book in Iran has always been one of the best-selling books, and in general, we know Apple by the name of Steve Jobs. In Iran, we have used a lot of his company’s products (or at least we aspire to use them). On October 5, 2011, Steve Jobs passed away due to eye cancer. Steve Jobs was irreplaceable with that immense creativity. His absense really and always will be missed in computer industry. Unfortunately, he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, and after a seven-year struggle, his gre

The current president of US said about him: “He was one of the greatest American innovators and inventors. He was brave enough to think differently. “

How Steve Jobs was so perfect to start his job out of a garage and reach the point where his only limitation is the roof of the sky? Steve Jobs has been interested in electronics since childhood. He left college in 1974 and worked at Atari Company that same year. Steve Jobs was a spiritual practitioner and capable of turning dreams into reality. He also visited India after his spiritual questions. However, his experience in India was a little disappointing for him. But it was still good for Steve Jobs, as traveling to India was actually a turning point in his life. In his remarks, Steve Jobs described his trip to India as beneficial because he realized that “Thomas Edison has done much more than Carl Marx and Naim Caroli Baba (of India) to improve the world.” Reading Steve Jobs chart to see how his journey from poverty to wealth is interesting and helpful.

Steve Jobs was born on February 24, 1955 in San Francisco, America. He was born with a mother named Joanne Carroll Schiebel of German-Swiss descent and a Syrian and Muslim father named Abdel Fattah Jan Jundley. Both were students. But the things got in a way that his parents who had not been formally married, Entrusted Steve’s custody to Paul Jobs and Clara Jobs, a family whom he got the last name from. Look at the position of the lord of Mercury in the second house of Jobs’ chart. The damaged Mercury is in the sixth house and is free from any influence that it may have. Also, in his navamsa chart, Mercury is lost in the Eighth House with Rahu in it. This placement of celestial bodies on Jobs’ charts led to the separation of his biological parents from his early childhood.

In addition, the second house hits deadly to the Jobs chart: Mercury also causes severe health problems in the Steve Jobs horoscope. Jobs was born under Maha Dasha (the main period) of Saturn which has great position in the third house at the time of his, and had an attitude of servants of the fourth and tenth houses, respectively, Mars and Venus.

What makes Jobs have brilliant ideas? The Sunrise of Lion (Assad) viewed by its lord, the Sun which circulates under the attitude of Ketu and Jupiter from the Eleventh House. Keu’s attitude to the sun is not very favorable, but Jupiter’s attitude to the Vedic Horoscope of fifth House is auspicious and blessed; with the involvement of Venus (3rd and 10th house servers) and Rouh. The fifth server is Jupiter with Quito in the eleventh house; both Jupiter and Venus are interconnected. Mars is powerful in the ninth house and has an excellent interaction with Saturn. This powerful positioning of the planets on the chart of Vedic Steve Jobs has made him a great innovator as well as a successful inventor.

In 1976, during the Venus/Ketu submarine, there was a time when something big happened in Steve Jobs’ life. Apple is founded by Jobs with Wozniak and Ronald. By the time Steve Jobs was 25 (1980), Apple’s value had grown to $ 100 million. In September 1985, Steve Jobs resigned from Apple and co-founded NeXT. He also bought “Graphics Group”, later renamed Pixar Animation Studio, and we know it. Steve became a Disney Partner for Pixar Films, and under his leadership, Pixar won 20 Oscars. In 1997, Steve Jobs returned to Apple as CEO, and in 2000,

In July 2004, Jobs underwent successful pancreatic surgery. During this time, Jobs was subjected to the sun/Jupiter. But from the beginning of the Maha Dasha month since March 2008, Steve Jobs’ health problems have increased significantly. Astrologically, the effect of the moon on Jobs’ chart is not good. As it is badly positioned on the eighth house on his birth chart. The moon is very weak in Navamsa division. During 2008 and 2009, Steve Jobs suffered from a harmonic imbalance and physical appearance changes caused by his severe weight loss. Eventually, this bad moon’s position on Steve Jobs’ birth chart proved to be effective, and on October 5, 2011, he passed away. Although Steve Jobs did some ground work for Apple even after his death, his absense will always be felt in the tech world.

“Nobody wants to die, even people who want to go to heaven;” Jobs said. “However, death is a common destination for us all. Death is more like the greatest innovation in life. Death is the agency of life change. The world is being cleansed of aging to create a new way. ”

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