An analysis of Jennifer Aniston’s birth chart

تفسیر چارت تولد جیوتیش جنیفر آنیستون

Jennifer Aniston is a beautiful Hollywood actress. She has worked as an actress, director, producer, cyclist messenger, marketer and waitress. Jennifer Aniston is the daughter of John Aniston and Nancy Dow. Both her father and mother were actors. Jennifer has two half-brothers: John Melik, who is older than him, and Alex Aniston, her younger brother. Jennifer is a successful American actress and former wife of Hollywood star Brad Pitt. By analyzing her birth chart, we want to let you know about the secret to success, wealth, marriage, love, the movie industry, and everything related to her.

Here’s a breakdown of her birth chart based on the details of Jennifer Aniston’s birth. Jennifer was born in Libra. Her zodiac sign is “Scorpio” and her birth star is “Jheshtha” (18th Nakshatra). Venus is the sixth house of Jennifer’s horoscope lord, which has shown her transcendence. Venus is located in this house along with Rahu and Saturn. Vedic astrologers are aware of the importance and power of the Lagna lord, the sun, the moon, the ninth house lord, and the tenth house lord for fame, reputation and comfort.

As we mentioned, on the birth chart of Jennifer is Venus Taurus, who is in the sixth house next to Rahu and Saturn. Saturn has the role of lord of the fourth and fifth houses. Saturn is known to be a useful and happy planet for “Libra” astrology. In addition, Saturn is a good friend of the planet Venus. For this reason, this connection between Venus and Saturn is a good and positive connection for success. Surely this is a planetary position for financial growth and monetary issues. Money for Jennifer Aniston grows like a tree and she can enjoy all the amenities, luxury items and modern cars of the world.

In astrology, the sixth house is considered for dealing with enemies, opponents, competition, struggles and diseases. Therefore, the location of the Lagna lord in the sixth house can cause some problems, challenges, and some sort of disruption to Jennifer’s personal and professional life. Even at times she has to compete vigorously with others. In addition, Rahu’s relationship with Venus, especially in emotional relationships, cannot be happy and beneficial. Sometimes she can’t properly analyze things, or make wrong decisions. In general, the position of Venus in the sixth house is producing some of the challenges in her life. However, Venus is the first to point out professional drama issues, and the fifth house is also about entertainment. Therefore, it can be said that she was a born artist. Certainly, the combination of Venus the Sublime and Saturn, the fifth house lord, plays an important role in Jennifer’s career. It is a fact that “the path to success is not easy”, but the influence of Venus and Saturn on the Jupiter brings her the courage and intelligence to use them to meet challenges.

Mercury is the lord of the ninth house in the fourth house and forms a “Raja Yoga” or combination of fame and power. This Mercury located in the fourth house is on the tenth house. Therefore, her career will affect her. Also, Mercury is the main reason for acting and humor. No wonder she was born a comedian because Mercury is capable of influencing her personality. She is clearly a lucky and happy woman. Jennifer Aniston’s fate supports her in many ways. In Vedic astrology, the second house shows wealth, the eleventh house shows income, and the fifth house shows sudden and unexpected wealth. As Jennifer Aniston’s birth chart shows, the second house lord, Mars, is in the same place with the tenth house lord (ie the moon). The conjunction of Mars and Moon has formed the “Chandra Mangal Yoga”. In Vedic astrology, this combination is very useful and blessed to gain wealth and fame. According to “Chandra Mangal Yoga” Yoga, Jennifer is a rich woman through several ways and her wealth is growing day by day.

Jennifer Aniston’s birth chart fom a professional perspective

Jennifer Aniston appeared in her first television role in 1990. she regularly starred in the short live series “Molloy” and in the TV movie “Camp Cockamonga”. During this time, Jennifer was under the influence of Venus-Saturn’s Anardashia. As we said, on her birth chart, Venus is the lord and occupies the sixth house with Saturn. In Vedic astrology, Venus is known as a planet reflecting the nature of music, film, drama, deception and acting.

On this birth chart, Saturn is the fourth and fifth house lord. According to Vedic astrology, the Fifth House represents entertainment and sudden wealth. For this reason, both the planets of Venus and Saturn confirm Jennifer Aniston’s arrival and desire for the show. Also, Jennifer has worked as a guest on “Quantum Leap”, “Sir Herman”, “Burke’s Law” after her initial work for a television version of “Fris Boeller’s Holiday”, a television comedy show, “The Edge” and so on. And she did a horror movie, but it didn’t work out and it didn’t work for her. Even she was frustrated and was about to give up acting.

Let’s find out why he failed at this time. The position of the astrologer, Venus in the sixth house, shows that a great deal of struggle is needed to unravel the problem of the profession. In addition, the connection of Rahu with Venus causes Venus to become weak and damaged. Saturn, Bhukti’s lord, signifies her entry into the profession, but does not promise to succeed.

Saturn’s position in the sixth house is weakened by Rahu and Ketu. On the Navamsa chart, Saturn is still in the sixth house. In addition, Venus Antarctica – Saturn or Saturn – Venus cannot guarantee a great or successful career. For this reason, Saturn’s Antarctic from January 8, 1989 to March 10, 1992 represents a struggle, depression, fierce competition, and failure in risky matters. From March 10, 1992 until January 9, 1995, she was influenced by the Venus-Mercury Antarasha. In Jennifer Aniston’s birth chart, Mercury is in the fourth house and serves as the lord of the ninth and twelfth houses. We discussed earlier in this article that Mercury is a very important planet for Jennifer Aniston and is capable of promoting her destiny. It was around this time that she switched plans to play again and became widely popular among television fans for playing the successful series “Friends” (FRIENDS). This is when she gained a lot of fame and honor. In fact, Mercury’s Antarasha completely changed her life.

During this time, Jennifer was a successful actress and established herself in Hollywood and the world of theater. As recorded in the Guinness Book of Records in 2005, Jennifer Aniston (along with other female actors in the series) became the most expensive television actress with a salary of 1 million dollars for the tenth season of Friends. The original Dasha Sun from March 10, 1996 to March 10, 2002 was also a good Dasha for Jennifer Aniston. During this Dasha, she got a new job and achieved success in the field of drama which is quite remarkable.

In Jennifer’s birth chart, the sun is in the fifth house. In the Navamsa chart, the sun is in the horoscope and is influenced by the attitude of the Jupiter. On the Dashamsha chart, the sun is still in the fifth house and is considered as the eleventh house lord. Dasha Moon is also good and happy for Jennifer Aniston. From March 10, 2002 to March 10, 2012, she was influenced by the performance of Dasha Moon. In Jennifer Aniston’s birth chart, the moon is in the second house with Mars and in the Navamsa chart in the sixth house. On the Dashamasu chart, the moon is well placed in the seventh house and is in the zodiacal sign of Aries which is a good and friendly sign along with Venus the lord horoscope. Of course, on the Dashashma chart, the moon has enough power to promote her work and finance issues. In particular, Jennifer Aniston gained a great deal of fame and fortune during the Antarctic Moon – Mars and Moon – from January 9, 2003 through February 8, 2005. During this time, she enjoyed the success of her acting career in film. In 2003, she played Bruce Almighty and in 2004, then Pali came, which did well in their sales. During this time, she made good money.

From June 10, 2006 until January 9, 2008, she was impressed by the Antarctic Moon-Saturn. On Jennifer’s birth chart, Saturn is in the sixth house. As mentioned earlier, Saturn will not be able to enhance her career due to her position. In addition, Saturn is known as an enemy planet and an unpleasant planet for the Dasha Moon lord. For this reason, this time period was not very suitable for Jennifer. Jennifer was then influenced by Antaras, from January 9, 2008 to June 9, 2009. Mercury certainly has a good place on Jennifer’s birth chart. For this reason, this course was good for Jennifer Aniston. Filming for “Management,” “Marley and I,” “Love Comes” and “He’s Just Not That into You” was a good time for Jennifer in 2008-2009. Inevitably, to summarize the debate, we will continue to follow Jennifer Aniston’s career path.

Love And Marriage

According to Vedic astrology rules, the fifth house, its lord, and Venus are considered to be the main indicators of love affairs. As indicated by Jennifer Aniston’s birth chart, the fifth house, Saturn, is located in the sixth house, with the transcendent Rahu and Venus. This planetary position strongly reflects the romantic nature and romantic scandals in Jennifer Aniston’s life. She is a very emotional and sensitive girl. Even sometimes she will not be able to control her own thoughts. However, given the damaged and weakened Venus and Saturn, who is the fifth house lord, Jennifer’s job in love is not easy. Most likely, most of her romance will eventually be broken. In the past, she has had emotional and romantic relationships with Paul Sculfour, Vince Van, Adam Doritz, Charlie Schlatter and Tate Donovan. However, all of this was for a short time. Subsequently, Jennifer Aniston’s excellent relationship with actress Brad Pitt became headlines.

She met Brad Pitt in 1998, and after two years of love affair, she married him on July 29, 2000. In 1998 she was influenced by the Sun-Jupiter Antarasha. In Jennifer’s birth chart, the sun is in the fifth house and Jupiter is in the twelfth house and has an interaction with Venus and Saturn (the fifth house lord). For this reason, her love affair with Brad Pitt is also confirmed by Jennifer’s birth chart. At the time of her marriage, Jennifer Aniston was influenced by the function of the Sun-Mercury Antarasha. In Jennifer’s birth chart, the sun is in the fifth house, which is the house of love. Mercury is in the fourth house in the constellation of the sun. On the Navamsa chart. The sun is in the horoscope and has a view of the seventh house. Therefore, her marriage took place during this period. Jennifer’s birth chart is very weak on the issue of stable marriage and children. After divorcing Brad Pitt, she had a love affair with Justin Thor again in 2011, which led to their marriage after four years in 2015. However, Jennifer Aniston separated from Justin Sor in February 2018. According to Vedic astrology rules, the seventh house represents marriage, and the fifth house represents child affairs. On the birth chart of Jennifer Aniston, the seventh house is occupied by the zodiac sign of Aries, and the lord of that house, Mars, is in the second house, which has been badly damaged on the Navamsa Mars chart. In addition, the Seventh House Navamsa chart is affected by the negative attitude of the sun and the Jupiter’s position has declined. For this reason, the Seventh house and its lord are both very weak and damaged. Given the issues, marriage problems with life are quite possible.

In the karakai nature of love, Venus has been damaged due to its connection with Rahu and Saturn. In addition, on the Navamsa chart, Venus has the harmful and unpleasant zodiac sign of scorpio. For this reason, Jennifer Aniston has not been able to enjoy the after marriage life for long. She has had this problem with her two husbands (Brad Pitt and Justin Thor) despite their differences. The lack of mutual love, charm and emotional support is very likely. Jennifer Aniston’s first marriage lasted nearly four years, and her second marriage eventually ended in divorce after three years. However, she has no children. In Vedic astrology, the fifth house represents issues related to children. On Jennifer Aniston’s birth chart, the sun is in the fifth house, and Saturn, the fifth house’s lord, is in the sixth house with the transcendent Rahu and Venus. The sun that occupies the fifth house has been influenced by the attitude of Mars. For this reason, this planetary situation is not suitable for having children. Depending on the type of planetary position, the delay in having a child (or not having a child) is clearly visible. She may even have experienced intentional or inadvertental abortion several times. On the Saptamsha chart, the sun is still in the fifth house and Saturn, lord of fifth house, is in the fifth house, too. This planetary composition also confirms an unexpected delay and difficulties in having children.

Jennifer Aniston’s divorce from Brad Pitt

Jennifer Aniston is divorced from actor Pete Brad. This happened during the Antar Dasha of Moon-Jupiter. From February 8, 2005 until June 10, 2006, she was influenced by the Jupiter’s Antar Dasha performance. She announced her divorce on January 6, 2005, after more than four years of marriage. Aniston filed for divorce in March 2005. Their divorce was also finalized in October 2005. On Jennifer Aniston’s birth chart, Moon, Dasha’s lord in the second house, is weakening along with Mars. And Jupiter, Antar Dasha’s lord, is in the 12th house and has a lord role for the third and sixth houses. In Vedic astrology, the second house means family, the sixth house represents litigation or legal action, while the twelfth house is responsible for ending affairs or separation. For this reason, her divorce from Pete’s is also confirmed by Vedic astrological knowledge. In order not to prolong the argument, we will discuss the reason for her second divorce.

Jennifer Aniston’s second marriage

Jennifer Aniston had a good chance of remarrying from 2014 to 2015, eventually leading to her remarriage in 2015. After her divorce on June 9, 2009, she was affected by the Antarctic Moon-Mercury. Thus, although she had emotional relationships, but not successful in love until June 2009, she was able to begin a love affair in 2011, which ended in 2015, but she was still married. It was not stable either.

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