.7reasons to use Jyotish knowledge and chart interpretation advic

1. knowing yourself better:

Chart interpretation help you to know yourself better. To understand the reason of some of your habit and probable problems (pessimism,..) and you can delete these by a logical-spiritual program.

2. A better understanding of the complexities:

Today’s life is full of complexity. Emotional life, professional life affairs is good if we can see the background and, in fact, find the reason of events and use this understanding to create more harmony with life.

3. analyzing of life phases:

Chart interpretation advice can classify your life in time periods and provide comprehensive information whit exact date about this period, provide and analyze about the features of this period and aware you so that you can use the conditions in your life to benefit.

4. where is the next destination?

The birth chart like a karmic map gives you that functionality so that you can be in control of the current phase of your time and know about it. You can also understand the conditions of the next phase of emotional, occupational, and family life, and be aware of it, so you can get ready and have a better life.

5. Helping to understand others better:

Being of human in life is good but it can be difficult too! birth chart helps to have a better understanding of people in life. I can not change people, but I can change my behaviour and reactions.

6. Having goals:
Astrology and worldview of a birth chart define the purpose and mission of the one’s life through the discovery of talent and interprets guidance on navigating life courses and the planets, of course, give you a precise message from this mission.

7. Discovering real talent:

To know what we have a talent for? what should be our studying major? when and how will we be successful?
Discovering talent is a simple and complex matter. Astrology has a lot to say about talent and how to handle it.

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