4 Reasons Why Birthday Chart Report Is Useful for You and 4 Reasons Why It Is Not.

4 Reasons Why It Is Useful:

1- This report is free and will be free forever.

2. By looking at the online birth chart, we find out what the planets were at the moment of our birth, and to some extent we study general analysis about ourselves.

3. By getting an online birth chart, we can see which of our chart houses are complex. (as if there were many planets in a house, that related part of your life and destiny is complex.) For example, When you get a report, you realize that you have many planets in the 7th house chart, and it means that the marriage in your life is complicated (multiple marriages, non-marriages, etc.) Or if there are many planets on 10th house of chart, it means that the profession field is complex (problems with dad, job problems, etc.). These things can occur in all houses of chart.

4. Using the Birth Chart, we can find out the index combinations in our chart and know how special the placement of planets was. This report can tell us which important planets and combinations are marked in the report.

4 Reasons Why It Is not Useful:

1. The bad news is that no computer can judge your birth chart correctly. In fact, the birth chart is so complicated that no machine can anamyze it correctly, and only a true spiritual analysis can show you the way.

2. The birth report does not include any time periods. However, part of it includes your current life period, but to analyze all periods of your life and what the potential of them is, a professional astrologer must analyze your chart.

3. Birth chart reporting is a general report, so there are no details, special talents, and talk about your spiritual life, your specific potentials, and so on. An astrologer must study these matters.

4. This interpretation may be a bit confusing to you, so you might want to go straight to the counseling plans.

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