3Reasons for Ayurveda to Sleep East

“Sleeping to the east makes you comfortable sleep while sleeping west is boring”

Earth’s magnetism is a very powerful force that slowly infiltrates everything we see around us. The force magnet is invisible but very tangible. The Magnetic Effect and Energy of Life Electricity flows through the body and the body understands the impact of the Earth’s magnetic force on health.
Here are three reasons for saying this:

1. Satvik frequencies are entered through.
In the early hours of dawn, nature thrives on the positive frequencies of the Satowich which are beneficial to health. When you head east, the frequencies enter your body through the head crown. This combination protects your body’s essential energy and keeps it healthy.

2. Keep your heart healthy.
If you’ve seen the heart close to the head and legs. This is because you can easily sleep on the side. This is the case when you are asleep and have strong magnetic forces against your heart and blood pressure. Therefore, when you bend your head to the east, the magnetic forces are in perfect balance, not opposed to blood flow, and reduce the pressure on your heart.

3. Good for your brain.
Sleeping north can increase the pressure on your brain’s blood vessels and lead to minor bleeding and strangulation. So when you head east, there is no muscle pressure on the blood vessels in the brain that prevents bleeding, especially in people with high blood pressure

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